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About Lu & Na

Who are we?

Welcome to Lu & Na, a place full of fire, passion and hospitality. After years of entrepreneurial experience, everything comes together for us here. In this restaurant, you can taste and feel the love for charcoal barbecue. Our roots lie in Armenia, forming the foundation of our hospitable approach and pure dishes. But our renowned chef also makes a significant contribution to the artisanal taste experience. Every day, we continue to develop and seek the ultimate combinations.

We would love to take you on this journey of discovery. Feel free to ask our staff about the possibilities and enjoy! And if you are wondering where the name Lu & Na comes from? It comes from Luizy and Nancy, our greatest treasure, our daughters.


Exclusive BBQ restaurant

There’s nothing more beautiful than children; after all, they are our future!

However, we are an exclusive BBQ restaurant and wine bar, and we reflect that in everything we do. We aim to provide our guests with an unforgettable, extraordinary, luxurious, and relaxed evening.

How wonderful it is to enjoy an evening being pampered together while your little one is with a babysitter?

Our restaurant and menu are more suitable for adults and older children. This is to prevent disappointments; we do not have children’s menus available on our menu.

We kindly ask you to consider and respect this policy.

In good weather, you are welcome to sit outside on our terrace as well. That’s a good alternative when dining with younger children.


Our passion

At Lu & Na, we work intuitively with with fire…The kitchen is entirely powered by wood fire and everything is prepared live. We burn various types of wood and charcoal daily to keep our preparations as authentic as possible. Back in the days when there was no electricity or gas. Our kitchen is open, allowing our guests a clear view of the action in the kitchen, including the barbecue and the Neapolitan wood oven. It’s important for us to take guests into our world. To show them how simple cooking can be and how good, simple ingredients can become amazing when barbecued over a wood fire.

Our team is fascinated by fire; our goal is to offer people a dining experience unlike anywhere else in the Netherlands. The Lu & Na principle is emotion, soul. The Lu & Na team came together purely on character, with the right people in the right positions.

Impression of the atmosphere