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Grill and BBQ restaurant

The best grill and BBQ restaurant in Limburg

Welcome to Lu & Na grill and BBQ restaurant, your destination for an unparalleled grill and BBQ experience in Leudal, Limburg. Here, the art of grilling and the passion for BBQ merge into a harmonious culinary adventure. Our grill restaurant offers a unique fusion of traditional wood fire and contemporary BBQ dishes. IIn this oasis of flavor, you can enjoy juicy, perfectly grilled dishes that reflect the essence of true BBQ artistry. Lu & Na barbecue restaurant invites you to an unforgettable experience in a world where grilling and barbecuing take on a new dimension.


The magic of woodstone BBQ at Lu & Na barbecue restaurant

At the heart of Lu & Na lies the magic of our woodstone BBQ, a culinary experience that surpasses traditional charcoal BBQ with our authentic wood fire technique. At Lu & Na, using pure Sekelbos wood, we create dishes with a deeper, richer flavor experience than your typical charcoal BBQ restaurant. Our woodstone BBQ, the centerpiece of our restaurant, brings grilling to life, where each piece of meat is carefully nurtured over the lively fire.

At Lu & Na, this unique barbecue process ensures that every bite reveals a symphony of flavors, enhancing the natural essences of quality meat with subtle smokiness and the warmth of real wood fire. It is this dedication to quality and authenticity that sets us apart from an ordinary charcoal BBQ restaurant. Our guests are taken on a gastronomic journey that goes beyond the conventional barbecue experience, into a world where each dish tells a story of craftsmanship and passion.

At Lu & Na, the woodstone barbecue is more than just a cooking method; it’s a promise of
excellence, a guarantee that every meal we serve is best-in-class. This demonstrates that cooking on real wood fire is not just a method, but an art form in itself. We prove that with our open kitchen concept. Experience the unique grilling experience where you can see our skilled grillmasters in action during grilling and barbecuing. Enjoy authentic barbecued dishes with your family, friends, or colleagues, in a cozy and warm atmosphere, along with the distinctive Armenian hospitality that Lu & Na is known for.

Our unique grilled barbecue dishes

At Lu & Na’s indoor BBQ restaurant, nestled in the hospitable Leudal region of Limburg, awaits an unparalleled experience of grilling and barbecuing. Our indoor BBQ concept offers a unique ambiance where guests can immerse themselves in the world of top-notch barbecue dishes. The meticulous focus on both grilling and BBQ techniques, coupled with a luxurious grill and barbecue menu, distinguishes our grill BBQ restaurant as a destination for connoisseurs.


In our BBQ grill restaurant, celebrated for its exceptional culinary offerings, we combine the refined aspects of grilling with the authentic atmosphere of barbecue. This combination of grilling and BBQ delivers a diversity of flavors that you won’t find anywhere else. From the careful selection of meats and fish to the expert preparation methods, each dish reflects our passion for quality and our pursuit of perfection.

As a premier barbecue and grill restaurant, Lu & Na not only offers exquisite dishes but also a warm and inviting setting. Here, friends and family come together to enjoy the finest culinary creations, surrounded by an atmosphere of luxury and coziness. Whether you’re visiting for a
special occasion or a relaxed dinner, our team ensures that your experience at Lu & Na is unforgettable, characterized by excellent service and a unique culinary journey.


The difference between stone grilling and grilling on a woodstone BBQ

At Lu & Na, we unveil the distinctive difference between stone grilling and our specialized woodstone BBQ. While some grill restaurants may specialize in stone grilling, Lu & Na takes it a step further with our unique woodstone barbecue technique. Stone grilling, where food is cooked on a hot stone, offers a certain charm and direct cooking experience. However, our woodstone barbecue takes the barbecue tradition to the next level.

In our grill restaurant, we prefer using pure Sekelbos wood fire, which gives our dishes a richer and more complex flavor experience compared to the conventional stone grilling method. The wood fire not only adds a subtle smoky nuance to our BBQ dishes but also ensures even heat distribution. This results in perfectly grilled dishes with a depth of flavor that can only be achieved through this traditional yet innovative approach.

Our woodstone BBQ is central to the culinary philosophy of Lu & Na. It underscores our commitment to quality and our passion for creating exceptional dining experiences. At Lu & Na, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: the robust flavors of barbecue combined with the sophistication of a modern grill restaurant.

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Fresh barbecue meats and fish: from farm to table

At Lu & Na, renowned as the best BBQ restaurant in the Netherlands, we are known for our fresh and high-quality BBQ meats and fish. Every piece of meat and fish we serve is carefully selected from butchers and suppliers known for their quality and sustainable practices. This ensures that our guests enjoy the freshest and most flavorful dishes, directly from the farm to their table.

In addition to our selection of meats and fish, we also offer vegetarian BBQ options on our menu, ensuring that every guest, regardless of dietary preferences, can enjoy our grilling and barbecue expertise. The focus on fresh ingredients, combined with our expert preparation methods, makes every meal at Lu & Na an unforgettable culinary experience.

In our pursuit of culinary perfection, Lu & Na does not overlook the important role of side dishes. Our side dishes, ranging from crispy grilled vegetables to perfectly prepared potatoes, are essential complements to our main dishes. These side dishes are prepared with the same attention to detail and expertise as our main menu, using fresh, locally sourced vegetables to enhance their natural flavors. A special mention goes to our house-made chimichurri sauce, a true flavor sensation. This fresh, flavorful sauce is the perfect complement to both meats and vegetables, adding an authentic and vibrant element to every bite.

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The secret behind our barbecue wines and whiskeys

In our indoor BBQ restaurant, our exquisite collection of wines and whiskeys serves as the perfect complement to every barbecue dish. With a carefully selected range of both robust red wines and crisp white wines, we offer the perfect partners for our diverse meat and fish dishes. Furthermore, with our unique selection of smooth to complex whiskeys, our grill restaurant offers a refined conclusion to an exceptional meal. Every element of our barbecue restaurant menu contributes to the rich and layered dining experience that distinguishes Lu & Na.

Company outing or special event?

Are you looking for a unique and unforgettable experience for your corporate outing or event? Then you’ve come to the right place at grill and barbecue restaurant Lu & Na! Enjoy delicious barbecue dishes, our extensive drinks menu, and authentic coziness with your friends, family, or colleagues. Whether you’re planning a team outing, bachelor or bachelorette party, or birthday celebration, at Lu & Na, we guarantee an unforgettable experience. Want to know more? Inquire about the options available.