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BBQ meatrestaurant with the best steak

At Lu & Na, your BBQ meat restaurant for the best steak, you are treated to an exceptional meat experience. Here you taste the rich flavors of high-quality meats such as BBQ Thomahawk, Iberico Presa steak, T-bone steak, and Wagyu steak, perfectly grilled over a traditional wood fire. Located in the picturesque Kelpen-Oler, between Weert and Roermond, Lu & Na offers you the chance to experience the highest quality steak, Iberico meat, and more.

Our passion for authentic meat preparations and the unique wood fire barbecue technique transform these high-quality meats into a culinary experience. At Lu & Na, it’s about more than just eating; it’s about discovering the rich, pristine flavors that every true meat enthusiast will appreciate. Your quest for the ultimate meat restaurant nearby and the most delicious BBQ steak unequivocally leads to Lu & Na.

Here are a few highlights from the kitchen

The core of any meat restaurant is, of course, the meat itself. At Lu & Na, the art of grilling meat reaches a new dimension in the skilled hands of our chefs. Three exceptional types of meat take center stage in our kitchen, each with its own story and an unparalleled taste experience.


BBQ Thomahawk steak: the robust delight

The BBQ Tomahawk steak, a richly marbled ribeye with a long bone, epitomizes a powerful cut of meat that embodies the primal grilling experience. At barbecue restaurant Lu&Na, the Tomahawk steak is grilled to perfection over a wood fire, preserving its rich flavors and juices. It is not just a steak; it is a statement of meat appreciation, a cut that embraces the raw essence of the grill and presents it in a manner that is both authentic and elegant.

Wagyu steak: a tender temptation

Wagyu steak is renowned worldwide for its unparalleled tenderness and delicate marbling. This premium quality meat offers a soft, almost buttery texture that melts on the tongue. Our chefs handle the Wagyu with the respect and attention it deserves, ensuring a perfect preparation that highlights the unique flavors and textures of this luxurious meat. Discover how Wagyu steak can truly taste at our Wagyu meat restaurant.


Iberico biefstuk: the Spanish conqueror

Iberico steak, originating from the Iberian pig, brings a taste of Spain to Limburg. With its nutty flavor profile and excellent marbling, the Iberico steak is a true delight for the taste buds. At Lu & Na, this Spanish beauty is carefully prepared on the grill, preserving the authentic flavors and textures that make this steak so coveted among connoisseurs. Every bite is a celebration of the rich culinary tradition that accompanies this meat, making your visit to our meat restaurant an unforgettable gastronomic journey.

The unique meat restaurant experience at Lu & Na

At Lu & Na, every meal is a ceremony that honors the traditional barbecue culture. The rituals around the fire, the journey of the T-bone steak from its source to your plate, and the warm hospitality make your visit to our T-bone steak and meat restaurant a unique experience never
to be forgotten.


The wood fire: the source of authenticity

At Lu&Na meat restaurant, the hand-fired charcoal barbecue and the Neapolitan wood oven are the altars where the magic happens, where the best steak in Limburg gains its unique character. The traditional charcoal BBQ is not just a cooking method, but a tribute to the purity of grilling. This fire transforms a T-bone, Tomahawk steak, Wagyu steak, or Iberico steak from a raw piece of meat into a masterpiece full of depth and character. Here you discover the authentic BBQ experience, far from contemporary fast cooking, close to the roots of culinary tradition.

From farm to plate: the journey of quality meat

Our careful selection of meat begins long before it reaches the grill. From the expansive landscapes of Australia, where our Black Angus cattle graze, to the lush green fields of Spain, home of the Iberian pig, each piece of meat has a story. At Lu&Na, this story continues from the meticulous preparation over the wood fire to the moment when the meat, rich in flavor and tradition, lands on your plate.

Every piece of meat at Lu&Na has a story. From carefully selected farms to your table, the journey of our BBQ Tomahawk steak, Wagyu, and Iberico steak is one of passion and precision. You can see this dedication reflected in the quality and taste of the premium steak we serve. Lu & Na aims for a seamless journey of meat, where each stage – from selection, preparation to presentation – promises exceptional quality and an unforgettable dining experience.


Hospitality that goes beyond the grill

At Lu&Na, the hospitality is as warm as the wood fire. You are not just invited to enjoy a delicious meal, but to take part in a culinary adventure. The open layout of our kitchen, where you can see the chefs at work, enhances a sense of connection and appreciation for the art and passion behind each served Iberico, Wagyu, or Tomahawk steak. The experience at this meat restaurant goes beyond the grill: it is an invitation to explore the culture of truly great food.

The art behind Lu&Na's premium steak.

The grill at Lu&Na is the instrument through which we share our love for meat. Our focus is on respecting the unique qualities of each piece of meat, whether it’s a robust BBQ Tomahawk steak, a tender Wagyu steak, or a juicy Iberico Presa BBQ.

Lu&Na invites you to look beyond the menu. At our barbecue meat restaurant, you have the opportunity to discover a dining experience that goes beyond the plate. From the moment you step in, you are taken on a culinary journey where the best BBQ steak in Limburg is just the beginning. It’s an invitation to taste the passion that defines our dishes and to appreciate the craftsmanship that makes Lu&Na, the Wagyu and T-bone steak restaurant, unique.